Earth Sucks

The Son of Sam Law is a wonderful thing. (When and where it is upheld, of course.) I think it should also apply to hooking. Here’s my logic. Certain people were born without shame. It’s remarkably easy to find these people in a capitalist society. What I’m getting at is that you can’t rely on shame to keep people from capitalizing off of the fact that they were paid for sex (this is what we used to call a whore, you know, before certain women decided to take pride in the “sexual empowerment” that hooking gives them)… although principle precludes me from mentioning the name of the hooker in question or linking a page where you could read about her attempt to get into the music business, I will give two other examples of people with similar tragedies. That’s right. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Wait… no, they’re probably worse. You know, since they released (I mean…when, against their will…) the act to the public. To jumpstart careers. That are now flourishing. Ew. You suck, Planet Earth.

2 thoughts on “Earth Sucks

  1. That would be kind of funny.

    Me, I think things will just be easier off if/when prostitution is legalized & sanitized and taxed (federally, not just Nevada).

    When you think about it – the prostitution laws are just like the anti-sodomy laws: laws limiting what we do behind closed doors that affects no one other than ourselves (beyond collateral like destroyed families etc., but alcohol is still legal so that’s obviously not a problem). They are based solely on prescribed morality and not protection/right/yada yada.

    Not saying I want to get a hooker, just saying that logically restricting that industry makes no sense.

    Same thing with the war on Some Drugs too.

    Does anyone else find it funny when politicians wives are so supportive of them after they heinously dishonor them? *coughHillarycough*


  2. I think having to legalize certain things certainly tells a lot about this country.

    I don’t understand making the bold statement of standing beside your husband on television after “just finding out” (we’re assuming) that her man has been using hookers for ten years. I’m not being forced into a decision over a ten year juggle-junk fest that quickly. Unless it involves a crime of passion.


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