Eight Hundred Ninety-five Words

No, but I couldn’t think of a title once I finished writing this.

Holy. Ghost. So I watched an episode of “The Real Housewives of NYC”, which was perfectly fine. That’s not why I’m blogging. I went to the Bravo site because I’d not seen the first episode and honestly, I wanted some background on Luann and whether she was as pompous as a little blurb made her out to be. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t see calling my husband The Count. But when I got to the site and chose to read the snaggle-puss, catastrophe-haired wife’s blog, I made the mistake of scrolling beyond it to the comments. I guess I didn’t really expect that people would leave comments. … I’m torn here, people.

On the one hand, I have opinions about what I watched, too, everyone does. I am blogging about my sentiments. On my page. For my readers only. I am not taking time out of my day and life to write “to” the cast of the show or try and tell any participant about his or her self. That crosses the crazy line, for me. On another hand (not the other, just another), I can see how it’s difficult to defend the sensibilities of any of these women because they’re allowing cameras to document their lives on the premise of being saditty (can I even spell-check that?). But, just based on my personal horror and genuine shock at what these “women” (see, I can’t even be certain of that since they were in fact posting online) posted, I think it’s far-fetched to think anyone could properly prepare themselves for the harshness they’re going to have chucked at them for doing something they probably just thought would be fun. It seriously hurt my head. A) People told Pug-ugly that she was, in fact, ugly, needing everything from veneers to a relaxer – both things true but… *speechless* Who…the hell are you people?!? Seriously? How’s this for a rule of thumb: if you post with nothing more than a nickname or first name (ie without pictures, profile, camera documenting your living conditions or general hygiene, etc) don’t you think it’s cowardly to attack someone else’s appearance?? B) People told her her husband was gay because they spent all their time together including three to four hour shopping trips. (!! I dare someone to comment on the sanctity of my marriage just because they don’t have the same dynamic!) C) People told her her husband was trying too hard and who do they think they are? (Obviously someone worthy of your television watching and comment leaving!!) D) People told her what she shouldn’t have worn (string bikini) because she needs to conduct herself as a mother should. (!!!) E) People told her she was a pompous moron for not wanting to live in the suburbs, one woman who insinuated that they knew each other back in the day even going so far as to remind her “where she’s from”!!!

My pain is this: these people honestly believe they have the right – if their audacity is an indicator – to attack someone and pontificate on that person’s motivations based on an hour long show that’s only had TWO episodes!! Seriously. The woman says she doesn’t like the suburbs, people leave freakin’ diatribes about her stupidity for commenting on those who would live in the ‘burbs. I don’t recall her personally attacking the obviously emotionally-frail and devastatingly insecure viewers who live in the suburbs simply because she expressed her preference! It wasn’t an invitation for long-winded comments outlining the benefits of living in the particular ‘burb of that particular viewer! Why are you so defensively insecure?! Then people leaving comments about the “real” reason she doesn’t want to go to the Hamptons being that she can’t afford it?!? That doesn’t even make sense! A) She’s on the freakin’ show. I think she has money. B) Why is it always poor people who most audibly validate the status of people based solely on money. Like does that commenter have a place in the Hamptons? Or is it some chic in Long Island “dissing” someone for not fulfilling the materialist-expectations and appearance of an eschalon the stranger isn’t even apart of? I’m not in it, it totally excludes me, but I totally gonna perpetuate it and ridiculously attack people who don’t buy what they’re “supposed” to buy! Cause I crazy.

This bothers me even more so because a) I never seem to get used to it or anticipate it and b) as someone who intends to make her career and life, really, by her sociological commentary and general writing… I am constantly bothered (and I mean like disjointed, itchy…*blech* bothered) by the fact that people don’t know the difference between a discussion and drama. I hate that I find it very hard to express to such people why their audacity is ridiculous because I am so taken aback by it every time. It’s like a normal person trying to explain the supposedly inherent rules of engagement to someone who speaks another language. And is mentally retarded. We’re fundamentally mismatched intellectually so I have no way of expressing each little subtlety of their stupidity. I can’t. take it.

I think I’d be even slightly happy if people could just own what they say. My face is at the top, my words belong to me and I say what I say to express my own opinion not to personally attack anyone. I don’t call anyone’s publicist. I don’t leave comments to “them” on huge websites. Because. That’s crazy mcscare-scare.

*eyes closed, screaming*


6 thoughts on “Eight Hundred Ninety-five Words

  1. I think it would be pretty interesting if people were held accountable for their lack of internet manners in some way.

    I’m not sure what that way would be though – sure, the governments *wants* nothing to be anonymous – but frankly anonymity is one of the draws of the internet. Of course, people misuse it left and right, but I’d hate to see it taken away.

    Just imagine how much meaner people would be to people if they knew what they looked like. Because, sadly, not everyone is a Californian ;).

    Oh, and I’m surprised you’re still surprised. People will claw themselves to farking death for just a chance to tell someone on tv (with whom they would probably kill to trade places with) just how lame they are (based solely on the fact that the speaker is basically jealous that they are not in that place).

    Still, I guess there are lots of celebs I’d like to insult if I knew they were listening.

    Hmm, I countered myself at every point there didn’t I.


  2. No, okay in the event that someone disgusted me to the point that I truly think there’s something wrong with them (ie Paris Hilton), I could understand being honest about that. In front of them. Not anonymously emailing them… and why would I assume my opinion was going to be taken into account coming from a darkened corner!
    I don’t know – maybe I’m countering everything too because I see a difference where someone retarded might not. There’s nothing wrong with telling people what you think. In real life. I just think there’s something really petty and disgusting about the postings I saw on that site.


  3. Topics that ellicit such an outrageous response from viewers get put on TV. Controversy sells. Its ratings people. Money is considered evil by most people yet everyone is clamouring for it. Reality TV is like crack for unimpressive, bitter people. The website is ran with the expectation that people will respond in this kind of way.
    CommentMachine has spoken.


  4. You’ve shed a brilliant light of *pffffffffft*. Josh. You can do better than that. Don’t justify it with the network’s intentions! And for clarification that is sorely needed: It’s not money that’s the root of all evil; it’s the love of money.


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