My Dreams Is Poppin’

I’m warning you. My dreams are long and freakin’ weird. I’m going to tell the main points of my favorite dream from last night. I’d really appreciate any interpretations.

First, I’m watching OnDemand episodes of Saturday Night Live. The host is an actor and the musical guest is Christina Aguillera; but Christina was accompanying the host in their opening monologue. As in, she was doing a whole bunch of Jodeci-esque “ooh yeah”s. Suddenly, I’m watching it from above the stage in sort of an aerial view? Yeah. Then, when a small, British boy with one arm crutch stands up and starts singing, everyone starts applauding. Justin Timberlake stands up – at this point, I’m in the crowd at the taping – and carries the boy to the stage where he announces that he’s giving the little songbird $10,000. I remember thinking it had something to do with his being crippled because people were being quite forgiving of his voice cracking. Anyway, I still felt that I was watching OnDemand but now had authority over the taping and was worried that the rest of the audience would be upset if I skipped parts. No matter though because when my brain decided to give me the crippled boy’s background, the SNL portion of the dream was over.

So, cut to a meadow in England where I’m involved in a game wherein cripple kid (CK) and I are serving the same purpose…try and tell me what it is, please. I have no idea where this game came from. First of all, there are two teams. It’s almost like it was going to be soccer, at first. But anyway, there’s a little pen nearby and in it are the teams’ respective cows. Yes. Cows. They are beautiful, light brown Jersey girls with little bells hanging from soft, pink strips of suede. Right in front of the pen is where C.K. and I stand, right on the sideline on either sides of the mid-mark. We’re holding something. I can’t remember what, but we both have it. The field is not a straight-lined rectangle as in real sports; it’s actually in a V coming diagonally on either side of the pen. When the game begins, all the players are moving into CK’s hemisphere, so he starts off in that direction following the sideline. Some adult (a referee?) starts yelling at him that he has to keep up with the flow of the game, at which point I wonder why they would assign CK for this position, since his mobility is obviously impaired. You know what, I think he and I are holding tiny blue birds with butter yellow collars. I have no idea why but I get the impression that’s what we’re grasping. I was poised and ready for my moment, since the teams were coming towards my half of the field but at this point the dream shifted into something entirely different so I don’t know how the rest of the game is played. I don’t even remember the presence of a ball or anything. I have no idea the logic behind my teammates following the other team down one half of the field. What was going on??


4 thoughts on “My Dreams Is Poppin’

  1. Sounds like you need a DVR for A Christmas Carol!

    I also suspect you found the secret cow level of dreams.

    If it’s not that, then uh. yeah. Maybe just mish-mash of whatever you were watching on tv today?


  2. I don’t know, I haven’t watched TV in months. Maybe uh…that bird show with the cows?

    But seriously, someone found my blog yesterday by searching for “bethany morrow” was that you?


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