I’m A Custodian

Firstly, on my blog info page it says I – or someone – edited a bunch of previous entries. Of which I have no recollection. Stay off my blog, invisible spirits! Secondly, we – nay, Josh – bought Stubb’s Bar-b-que sauce at Safeway. The “tagline” on the bottle? Prepare yourselves.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a cook!”

The only thing more confounding? The line on the top of the label that reads: “My life is in these bottles.” ….Um. Ew. Get your “life” out of my meat sauce, young sir.

Anywho, we had a lovely day today. Josh took Ezzie and I to the tide pools at Natural Bridges – which we reached via the convalescent modular home park – and gave us his soon-to-be award-winning tour. We saw a snow egret (which apparently has a special hang out spot making himself easy to find; by the way, awesome to see one in real life!), a pair of swans (in the pond prior to reaching the pools), a garden snake (that I almost stepped on! I didn’t know they could slither so fast…), a bunch of sea stars, anemones, urchin, sponge, mussels, turban snails. It’s also really beautiful how the waves and resulting erosion have created little bridges (hi, “natural bridges state beach”) where you can step to look into these beautiful, colorful pools. Next time we have visitors, we have to take them out there! Josh and I were taking about taking diving lessons to enjoy the underwater bridge formations, too, which would be amazing. … As long as it wasn’t as nerve-racking as that time we went snorkeling. I almost died. But only because a barracuda swam underneath me and I gasped. Underwater. Good times.

I r happy.

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