PR Spoiler

Before he is revealed, I must prophesy (?) the winner of Project Runway: Rami. I know. I know. You thought I would say Christian and so did I, until I saw Rami’s collection and thought about the ridiculous judging of this season. Christian is flawless, we know this. He had — wait. CHRISTIAN WON!!! *backflips ensue* I totally thought they would think Rami had a complete line – which he did and I’ll cry if I don’t get those dresses, those sleeves, LAWD – but Christian. CHRISTIAN. I literally cried. And yes it was dramatic but, sweetness, it’s called a runway. I. Am however so dead serious about getting those “cap-sleeved” dresses!!!!!!!!! God, I loved those clothes so much. Christian’s feather dress. Rami’s silk dress. I’ve gotta clean my upholstery.

And I leave you… with this:

My avatar

She’s a cute-ba-goot, no?, right? I’m on my way.


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