Chitty Bang Bang

Well the day was too pretty to ignore. And so Ezzie and I went forth. Into the wild. Yeah, but we spent a nice fifteen or so minutes on the concrete patio of Clark Kerr Hall, listening to the sound of students being in lecture and away from us. No, I mean to the wind and the birds and all the euphoria therein. It was lovely. We had our eyes closed and Ezzie was on my lap at one point. Only then did passing faculty want to talk to us. Hm. Anyway, I decided to go back via the two bridges and Porter… and at the last minute, seeing a bunch of idiots students in the quad…and realizing they were all looking happily at something to our left. Being the quick-thinking slice of deliciousness that I am, we made out way around the perimeter instead… and of course quickly began hearing whooping sounds. … Yeah. Saw that coming. My guess is some douche on the fourth floor of the A building exposed his or herself. Cause that’s what college is all about.

The point is it was fun, we’re awesome and I want Samoas. Pardon. I meant Caramel deLites.


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