Not “Haha” Funny

This’ll probably end up being like a “Deep Thoughts” in blog form. So two things have caught my attention today that either literally irritated me or just made me roll my eyes. Josh – being the husband that he is, a self-preserving one – picked up two boxes of my favorite Girl Scout cookies today. It. May have been yesterday. The first thing he mentioned was the name change. “Caramel deLites”…. hmm. Really? Our immediate response was that it was a politically correct (you should recall: pc = pickin’ cotton = the new slavery) adjustment to the name “Samoas”…. and possibly an excuse to add a bit more caramel (I’m…pretty sure they did). I’ve no idea why they would’ve named them that in the first place (some internet investigating revealed coconut as being a major export of Samoa?) but changing it is bad enough without the ridiculous “deLite” moniker. LAME.

Since that’s seeming an increasingly arbitrary thing to gripe about, let me move on to the thing that literally upset me. For what seems like decades, I’ve been seeing these heart-tugging adverts for some Animal Planet show called Chimp Eden? Maybe? Maybe that’s something else. Anyway, it’s about some South Afrikan guy being all smoochy-poochy about some dang chimps. Now, I coulda fallen into it and gotten all dew-eyed with him. If he weren’t in Africa (and let’s just be American and pretend it’s not a continent but a specific country), trying to negotiate with men holding oozies because of some freakin’ caged monkey. I’m just thinking… you know who they’re using those machine guns on? Not the monkeys. Yeah. And that whole child soldier thing going on over there? But no, let’s be all sad and moping over some freakin’ gorillas. Man. Can – can we just agree to stop all this animal rights craziness until all the actual freakin’ people are safe? Hm? Just the kids? Maybe?

Somehow I’ve been writing this for dag-on two hours. No pictures, kids. I’m out.


2 thoughts on “Not “Haha” Funny

  1. This is true. Still, stuff like this is pretty damn sad (hopefully that link came through).

    I don’t see why we can’t try and make progress on both points.

    I’m not super pro-animal rights and all that shit, BUT, random animal execution grosses m out. Some things, like animal testing are needed in lots of cases, but I find needless cruelty pointless and annoying.

    Not sure what the deal with that chimp show is though.


  2. I completely agree – that’d be great if we could. But seriously, we’re not really good at making progress on two things at once, apparently. And it just seems like no one should have to be told which is more important.


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