Beauty In The Breakdown

Well, it’s seven in the morning now. Guess I should get to bed. Yeeeeah. That’s good stuff. Ezra and Josh will be up in a matter of hours and then I’ll have to try and sleep while they’re upstairs sounding like a freakin’ hurricane. But what am I talking about? As soon as I go downstairs to powder my nose I’m going to curl up at the foot of the stairs, suddenly ravished by Tired. I just haven’t stopped being surprised by how quickly hours pass in the night while I’m writing. And now that I’m fantasizing about that cold swatch of linoleum at the base of the staircase… it’s pretty hard to resist. What with the assorted debris that accumulates there — the base of the staircase being also the step inside of our front door. Why…am I sharing this with you?

Speaking of church, I need to start going to the Saturday evening service until this sleep cycle (or non-sleep cycle) passes.

Man, so leap year’s over. Well, not the whole year. But the day that makes this year a leap year. I’m gonna say those two words a couple more times. And I guess I did nothing. I think I drove three hours to get home, stopping at my Daddy’s house. So, I could say I visited my Dad and nephew for Leap Year Day. Hah! I vowed to celebrate it and I did. Victoire! And if you’re still reading this, you are far more cool than I previously gave you credit for.

I feel like I should update you on Ezra, but he does something new and more complex literally every day. It’s pretty freakin’ crazy. Associations that now take long-winded explanations to the layman. He uses his hands when he speaks. He completely inaccurately mimics his father. I don’t remember Josh ever going, “I’m Daddy!” and then running around the living room waving his arms in the air and making “duh” noises. But it splits my sides every time. Mostly because it has nothing to do with me. OH! He plays air guitar. Sweeeet. I’m serious, if my life depended on telling you when these things started, I’d be put to death. He can write the letters a, b, and e without instruction. He can recognize all of his letters. … And somehow my brain just took me to a particularly saddening episode of Intervention… which I don’t really wanna think about while thinking about my baby so… yeah.

Popcorn pocket
Yeah, apparently they don’t stay this size.
And, Andy, before you comment on the quality: a) shut up. b) I took this one with my camera phone.

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