My Guuuurlfriends…

100_2038 (Jordan wins.)

Well, after another lovely noonday drive with my love-a-lump, Ezzie, … and a hearty nap, we are back home. Although exhausted by the running ragged – driving is tiring, ma petite – I felt quite full and happy after seeing my parents, Auntizzle, Thanos, Mae-Mae, John Dear and my Siamese Twin. There were still a couple of people I didn’t get to see, but four days to the city isn’t enough to spread across more. Especially when grandparents get overnights.

I’ve almost no recollection of what else I meant to write. Aside from the fact that I swiped the stand-up dvd my sister bought my dad (you’re welcome!), Project Runway – after an unnecessary number of missteps – is now on well-predicted target for Bryant Park (ie, was, since this has in actuality already happened) and finally I cannot express enough how awesome my day was. Here’s proof:



5 thoughts on “My Guuuurlfriends…

  1. Yes, thank you! I think you and Josh will get more use out of it.
    Enjoy filling your undies with urine!
    Oh and Jordan looks adorable! (why are your pics so tiny?)


  2. A) They’re thumbnails
    B) I purposely made them grainy, Sandy Pants. I like effing with our candid shots.
    C) I’d seen 98% of that stand-up… 😦 But I did enjoy having dinner with Jim.


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