Leave Me Alone, Girl.

Firstly, I’m having an awesome affect on my husband. Case in point: “You know, I hate to say it but Steve Irwin’s death worked out great for Jeff Corwin.” O_O

Today I wanna talk about something everyone one else has already discussed: Myspace. And by Myspace I really mean any such “networking”, “friendship” sites. The problem with friendship is that it inevitably leads to rejection. That’s just a sidenote for ya. Down with friendship. Sorry, I’m totally not paying attention. ANYWHO! The problem as I see it is not the posers it encourages or the whore-bags (and I mean men and women, friends) it promotes: it’s the fact that there are people who should naturally fade from your life. There are people who made sense (even as acquaintances, etc) when you were in a certain stage and environment of your life. Instead of those people becoming a part of your past, the appearance of accessibility that Myspace promotes encourages them to …keep bugging you. It’s the age of frenemies, I guess, and also of pressuring people you know didn’t send you a friend request into accepting yours. It creates a whole new stage of juvenile insecurity, implying that you should feel offended by not only the rank you sit on someone’s ostensibly personal page but also of those people you don’t even make literal space for in your real life. Come on. Why does it have to be personal? Am I personally rejecting the six billion-ish people on the planet with whom I am not claiming to be friends? There is such a thing as selecting your friends without rejecting other people.

Or there was. Until Myspace.

You know it’d be one thing if people would let you just occasionally say hello or something – much like running into them at the supermarket – but then is when the frenemy inquisitions and underhanded comments surface. I personally like my page so no, I haven’t gotten to the point of deletion. That seems pretty lame that people would have that much control over me. And instead of even deleting said people from my site, I remember. It’s just a site. They’d never bother you outside of the great shield of the internet. You don’t even have to remember they’re there. So, what’s the point – aside from venting – ….as irritating as it is when people you wouldn’t have chosen to keep in touch with start pressuring you about such sophomoric things as “k.i.t”, think about this. People are retarded.


4 thoughts on “Leave Me Alone, Girl.

  1. Man, I should have saved some of my rejection replies, they are just funny.

    Whenever I get an invite from a random, I usually at least spend the time to msg them “Who the fuck are you? Do I know you?”.

    I’ve gotten a few “Uhh I think I know you from high school, class of 96?” To which I replied “We never actually spoke.” or something like that and promptly DENIED request. I will not be a stat for you silly bitch!


  2. Hey–easy there, sunshine. Do you truly believe that friendship ALWAYS leads to rejection? Mujer, what kinds of friends do you have, and what the fuck is wrong with them!?


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