Made With Bits Of Real Panther

OH, to be pregnant or recently have been pregnant. Now that we’re all on the same page… let us give thanks for the little boy who is whispering the many voices of his imaginary staff (someone’s gotta run the trucks and leggo towers) because Mommy asked him (like an hour ago) to hush a little. Brilliant.

In other news, I – being someone who not only loves to document but also loves to make specialized gifts – must tell you of the majesty of Shutterfly. For serious, I have three photobooks so far – and nuh thing compares …. – and just sent my great-aunt Liz an album for her belated 85th birthday. I know we’ve been over this but I heart gift-giving. So lovely. But these aren’t just regular old scrapbooks, mon puce. No, no. You can choose size (incl. 5×7 and my personal fave, 12×12), theme, backgrounds, lay-outs, write captions, number of pages… it’s not enough to tell you. I must show. you. No, not him. You.

(If you’ve ever met me, you’ve already seen these but I’m trying to get people to use Shutterfly, so go grab a coffee.)

Bangor photobook Here’s the first one I made, to chronicle at least a smidge of our time in Bangor. I cannot even relay my reaction to getting this. I couldn’t believe how amazing the quality and presentation was. By the by, you can even design the back cover which is….

Back cover of Bangor photobook I really like splashing my favorite pictures on the back. But that’s just me. 🙂

The Big Book of Ezra This is the book I made when I’d had a laptop crash and wanted to make sure that the hundreds (literally…probably around 600) baby pictures we’d taken with the digital would not be lost forever. Oh, Shutterfly. How you did save me.

Meeting Zephyr Photobook The book I made after Zain’s Welcoming Shower!! (Note: These also make great gifts for parents of babies who may not have the time to make photo albums…. you know, what with rearing an infant!)

Photobook for Aunt Liz And finally, the one I made last night for my Aunt. I made this in no time and sent it to her immediately after. Best. Gift-maker. Ever. She’ll get it sooner than if I went out and bought her a birthday card, I guarantee it.

So, today, I made three individualized but similar books that will serve for a great occasion… I… probably shouldn’t have told that…


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