Oh, Clintons. How you do amuse me. I’d totally love to say race has nothing to do with it and that it’s not on your minds. But since you’ve milked the hell out of your popularity with Black people, I really can’t. What’s Hillary saying now? Obama’s just offering people “words”. Am I mistaken? Has she begun fulfilling her campaign promises already? Is she snuggling up next to W in the White House bedroom and rearranging the furniture and otherwise moving back in? Otherwise, I’m not sure what’s different between his campaign and hers. Aside from the constant winning. I’m not commenting on this because I’m some huge Obama supporter. I’m not against him either although the issues I have with him are the same problems I’d be having if I’d ever considered voting for Hillary.

Which I haven’t.

The point is. I’m not going to be so naive as to think it’s only about race when it’s in the Clintons’ favor. I would probably laugh until my ribs cracked if she’d just be honest, throw her hands up and be all gape-mouthed before whining, “But… He’s BLACK!” I really would. I think she truly intended to ride on her husband’s coattails of being the Black representation in politics. And even though quite a few Black people seem to ignore it, it’s been the Bush administration that knocked that dream off track. You know. By having so many (read: two) actual Black people in high office. Now we’re all… wait… why don’t we just run for President ourselves, Clinton? Okay, okay, but let’s not take that all literally like we should vote for people by virtue of their ethnicity. But. If all else is equal. Then yes. That’s the logic behind Affirmative Action and I think statistics on representation can illustrate why we are still in dire need of that. Let’s also not overlook it if all things aren’t equal in the first place and Obama’s a better candidate all on his own. Oh, if only a democrat with a chance would have the balls to be pro-life. I wouldn’t have to write in my vote for Ralph Wiggum.

ralph for prez


4 thoughts on “Respecto!

  1. I was wondering what was up with the Ralph thing…

    I don’t think pro-life-ism is typically a part of the dem platforms, just like being pro-choice isn’t typically part of the repub one. Each party has sort of staked out land on either side there and only the “mavericks” go off the beaten path on that particular issue.

    I have to say, after 10 dominating wins in a row I’d have project him the winner. Except that I fully expect the Clintons to pull some SHADY-ass-shit come convention time. She really wants those Florida & Michigan delegates – even though neither of them campaigned there because THEY LOST THEIR DELEGATES…yet she somehow didn’t withdraw her name from the list.

    Whatever, disgraceful.


  2. Yeah, my query is why can’t someone be a democrat AND value life. That’d be neat. And if only one could be a republican and… not… be… crazy…. le sigh. Oh, why do we have to have parties anyway? Why can’t people just present themselves and we choose based on, say, their values.


  3. A simple guess might be that 51% of Americans do not have that much in common.

    I don’t think anyone that really went with what they believe, no compromises, could get elected, no matter what side of the fence they were on.

    There are dems & reps on either opposite side of the abortion debate, I’m not sure the party would ever run one of them for the big office.

    Side note: You can be pro-choice and value life. I think it’s a necessary evil for now at the state our society and culture is in. That’s a whole separate, long rant though.

    I do think that abortion will become unnecessary except for the textbook medical cases once our birth control system is beefed up (see my long ago post on politics). Now, what that beefing up might entail is up for debate – but if BOTH parties had control of whether or not a conception was possible (ie either one can avoid it)…and if non-impregnation is the default, I think we’d see a lot lot lot less of these “unwanted” pregnancies.

    The trick is how to get a system like that working for the poor.

    My $$ is still on birth control (m & f) in the water…then you have to get a pill somehow to COUNTER the birth control, if you actually WANT to have a child. Both parents would need to make this choice together and each take their own version.


  4. Yeah, sorry but since I’m not running for office I’m free to be completely uncompromising with my convictions (which is the only way to have them): you cannot value life and be pro-choice. EDIT: There’s a lot wrong with that sentence including the fact that it implies it really is a “woman’s right” and not a human being. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you have the right to. The only way any of this is going to change however is for our entire planet to take responsibility for their actions and to recognize that their definition of bad and good means little in the grand scheme of things.

    Weird thought: I’d like to see the difference it would have made in our population if every woman raped by her master had aborted.


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