Monkey Wants My Burger

What to say… what. To say. I’m not so much conventionally busy as I am mentally occupied, which is to say I’m working on something. So even when I’m not literally holding a pen (or…keyboard), I’m not really present in conversations. Josh usually just walks away after repeating himself a couple times. Or, I’ll start saying something and figure out something that I need to document … like a sentence structure that’s been bothering me can apparently only be reconciled while I’m talking to someone about something completely different. I just figure he should be used to this…? The irritating thing is when I know I’m not in the literal expressive mood – as in it’s not time to get into the trance/cocoon stage wherein eight hours can pass before I realize it – but I’m still occupied by it. I tried to watch Law and Order and couldn’t concentrate, I was watching Paranormal State last night but can’t really tell you what happened. So apparently, I suffer from short-term memory loss when I’m in this phase. And it was just getting increasingly frustrating until I had to just turn off the tv. So I wanted to do something but I couldn’t satisfy myself. The music was wrong, playing spider solitaire was getting under my skin… so eventually I took about an hour to make a paragraph’s worth of progress. This is why I don’t listen to Josh (if you’re gonna be irritated, just work) and do listen to my instincts. Anyway, why am I blogging right now?!


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