Nothin’ Burns Like An Effigy

So, last night Josh and I watched a myriad of throwback cartoon episodes. Starting with SuperTed. (See February 10th entry.) Firstly, I stared slack-jawed as I realized how horrible the “American” accents were and how, in the SuperTed in Texas episode, Spotty Man said things like, “Everyone looks like that in Texas, SuperTed!”… really? Or how they keep saying things like “Gringo” and “Amigo”… now, having been to Texas and you know being an American myself, I do understand that there is a Mexican influence. But as a British cartoon making wild stereotypes, it seemed like no one involved had ever been to Texas or even knew that there is a difference between Mexico and America. It’s so funny because before going to the UK, I remembered this cartoon as a beloved part of childhood and had no recollection of the accents!


Then, I moved on to Jem and X-Men. First, let me reitterate how our old-school cartoons are far superior to those of today. The amount of story packed into each episode is amazing. I’m just gonna go on the record as saying that if the X-Men movies had been based on the second episode of the cartoon series (Night Of The Sentinels) it would have been sooooooo much better than the entire live-action granchise. Oh and does anyone remember how awesome Storm was before she became the somehow simultaneously boring and ridiculous non-hero that Halle succeeded in portraying? Neither did I. But youtube has reminded me. And it was good. SOOOO, I’m buying the entire Jem series (because I want to prove to Josh that the songs I’ve been singing for years are real and are performed by The Misfits) and after watching the first episode last night… I wanna know why Jerrica’s hair went between razor cut bob to chunky plaited dreads like a million times throughout… oh and why the walking movement animation was so poor in 1985, lol.

After trying to get Josh into Tobor (a truly oldschool cartoon that my mom introduced us to), I realized how cool it is that my son will be able to experience parts of my childhood culture due to our obsession with DVD-izing everything! Hooray!

I know there’s a million things I wanted to say while watching everything last night… and I’m sure your comments will jog my memory so!


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