Process This To A Point Of Understandingness

Yet another awesome thing about living on-campus: we wanted to get outside to do our respective reading/writing so we grabbed a blanket and packed up Josh’s man-bag (which he swore he’d never carry until he got one this past Christmas…and which is awesome because it means I don’t have to carry a purse and diaper bag) with a few snacks, books, ipod and writing shtuff before heading out to the “soccer field”. It was love-a-ly. (We only came back inside because Ezzie had to… do his business.) ANYWHO! With the view and my Yann Tiersen/Trevor Jones/Thomas Newman/Philip Glass collection playing, I had a lovely time revisiting a poor, misunderstood character who needed to be better represented. The best best best part was (not the ten deer strolling about, as we’re pretty darn used to them) the hawk that swooped down right there on the field and stuck his head in a gopher hole!! It was so awesome. I’ve never been that close to a hawk… aside from Sly Park when I had to smash a mouse against a tree stump to feed the “caged” one. (By “caged”, I mean his living space was bigger than my college dorm.) So the hawk is picking at something for a short while and then sits up and looks at us (I had to make Ezzie sit down to keep him from rushing it) before soaring in our direction (!) to the tree somewhat behind us. It totally made me happy. Weird? No. No, it isn’t.

In other news, while I absolutely love my new toy… my itty bitty ears were screaming and I had to slowly take out the earbuds several times and let my infant ear cartilage cry for a few moments. Thank Jesu that my in-ear thingies were shipped today. Shnike.

new earbuds


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