I Like … Stuff.

We have been going, going all day. And I am immensely happy to scratch yet another toy off of my wishlist!

my shuffle

I’ve known for a little while now that I have what some people would call “baby ears”. Some hurtful people. The point is that those earbuds everything comes with hurt after about five minutes and those headphones that hook around your ear…well, they apparently don’t have enough ear to hug and they don’t stay on nor can I keep passers-by from hearing my music… possibly at the same decibel as moi. But, finally, I am the victor. Or shall be in ten minutes. I’m bidding (alone, thus far) on those in-ear earbuds that will allow me the comfort you elephants apparently take for granted. Victoire!

I’m evah so excited to go sit on my cliff tomorrow with editing materials in hand. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been thinking about it for about two days now. I love having company but I also love getting back to my serenity. Especially when I want to write and spend time with people at the same time. — I’ve just realized how awesome I am, to get off topic. I’m wearing my shuffle on the right side of my v-neck and feel like a Star Trek character when I change songs. *Regresses into TNG fantasies*

UPDATE 1: Yeay! I won the bid! No more seering ear pain for me!

UPDATE 2: Ezra. Was singing along with the Chase credit card commercial where they go to buy a new television. Whatever that song is. Freakin’. Hilarious.

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