Warning: Opinion Included

I feel like blogging. Not. Really sure if I have anything to talk about? Yet, here we are.
So, it’s V-day. And I have no grand plans. Nor do I think this blog would be fun if I just recounted or foretold events of my everyday life on a regular basis. What I do want to discuss is PETA. And how freakin’ tired of this tirade I am. How did “don’t impose your beliefs on me” totally miss these people? Oh, because when we say “be open-minded”, we’re just talking to Christians and heterosexuals. Everyone else is free to completely offend me and since they’re anti-traditional, they must be right. Hows about you guys go bother all those Hell’s Angel and throw red paint on some grizzly lookin’ dudes in leather chaps, eh? Why so worried about the fashion choices of frail, waif actresses? So, I get it; you don’t believe in wearing the pelts of animals. Great. I do. I shall. And I will also continue eating meat. Three times a day, if possible, because I not only enjoy the gamey taste, I have no ethical dilemmas whatsoever. I mean, are you serious? And I get everyone has their calling and there’s room for people to have passions outside of – let’s say – things that matter but… why must every story about Britney’s kids welfare segue into how PETA is increasingly concerned for the welfare of her teacup, London? ?!? Seriously? I guess my brain is the only one going in circles when I meet a poor-posture-having, hemp-clothes-wearing vegan talk about the plight of the Alaskan timberwolf even though she completely supports abortion.
Sweet Jesus,
Please come home soon.
Love, Bethany

So, there’s my blog for the moment.

6 thoughts on “Warning: Opinion Included

  1. I think those people repossessing Ellen D’s dog was about the last straw for any of those dumbass animal stormtrooper to be taken seriously.

    I mean, I’m all for being kind to animals, but we are omnivorous by nature. That means we eat meat in addition to your assorted grasses lady! It’s good, it makes us grow.

    I think we should have an ethical way of skinning animals…whatever that means. No, I just mean that I don’t think we should drive a species extinct – start a farm and grow your own for skinning there.

    Also, if we didn’t test stuff on animals, what would we test stuff on? Although, the fact that makeup needs to be skin-tested to make sure it doesn’t, what, KILL someone, is pretty fucked up. So, yeah I think animal testing for serious issues (medicines, etc.) is a good thing, but for silly trivial stuff…maybe we shouldn’t be making with the toxic make-up?


  2. Exactly. I hate the extremism that is completely acceptable from these nutjobs. There is a way to humanely kill animals. You know. The way we humanely kill criminals. (Do you see how there are a hundred more important causes one could dedicate their OCD to?!? Not to say everyone disagrees with the death sentence anyway.) And… as you and Jenny know. Chinchillas are good for little aside from sweaters.


  3. That’s funny I was JUST talking about this with some co-workers. PETA/vegans/holierthanthous have always cracked my shit up. I couldn’t care less about mistreated chickens.
    *shrugs* I think I hate proselytizing of all sorts.


  4. I don’t find anything wrong with witnessing your beliefs to others – it’s what your convictions call you to do – it’s called “how dare you destroy articles of clothing I purchased based on said beliefs”. Don’t cross the threshold of my personal space, mon frere.


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