Stuff (not junk).

First time I’ve ever lost a blog on wordpress. …Still infuriating. SO! What I was saying(!) was how after we watched our movie yesterday, (and Daddy returned almost immediately saying the both his professors had cancelled class!!!) we decided to take the boys out for a walk. It’s not that I don’t understand that we live on a college campus. It’s just that I don’t like seeing or hearing them. Hahahha. Plus Ezra and I used to take this particular walk every day during Fall quarter and we never had to see anyone! The point is. The campus belongs to my family. All inhabitants must bend to our will. SO! We started across the bridge from Family Housing to College 8 and across the front end of 8 to the long staircase down towards the Music Building (where I went to all of one performance my whole time as an undergrad) and Theatre Dept, veering away at the end of the staircase to venture into the woods that run alongside College 8, eventually, I think, leading back into the center of 8 or bringing you to the “street” between 8 and Oakes. Anywho, we had a lovely time in the woods and successfully eluded the many dragons that apparently inhabit the area. Ezra and Ethan were playing a game with us where they’d yell “freeze” or “nobody move” and we’d pause until they said, “okay, you can move now”… but since they’re three, these phrases were pretty much back to back. And ad nauseum. Clever little tykes. Here’s Ezzie in said forest like three months ago:

Ezzie in the forest

So, as Nnekay reminded me, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Joshie says he (like most men, I assume) feels an expectation and that failing to do something special for me on that particular day could be honestly construed as his not loving me. Wow. Um. … Really? I don’t think one day that I didn’t personally create could undo the everyday cooking of meals and hair-petting. And if you wanna do more, how bout consistently. Cause one day doesn’t really prove it to me. Mike Tyson could be a real gentleman for one day. That convinces me, not at all. He has however been consistently practicing making origami wildflowers. We’ve clearly begun talking about Josh again. I would be more frightened for my very life than enamored if Mike Tyson started giving me origami bouquets. But then. There’s a lot of things that would freak a woman out if done by someone who has no reasonable emotional attachment to her. Like the time one of my boyfriends drew an elaborate heart with a sword coming down through it (oh, like the Rock of Love logo) and a teardrop (of blood?) dripping from the point of insertion. Some poem was written on it. And then I was the bad guy when I dumped him. Always blame the sane one. — Point is, don’t forget my Thanksgiving Day present, Joshie, and we’re golden.

And finally, it appears I’m into volunteering to expand my personal assistant talents from my husband to the entire undergraduate population of UCSC. Well. The ones interested in scholarships. Or who should be. What am I talking about? A conversation that began with my wanting feedback on my own application to offering to help the FPA. That’s just the kind of man I am this week.

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