Stop Me Oh Oh Oh Stop Me

So, first things first, there’s a freaking crow cawing like his life depends on it when, strangely enough, his life is in increasing jeopardy. Shut. Up.
My bright-eyed little handsome-faced can’tevendescribetheglorythatismyson is up and staring at me with those big eyes and curly eyelashes… sweet Lord, is it normal to be so consistently overwhelmed with your own creation? He just looks so flush and fresh-faced and apple-cheeked when he wakes up. Anyway, I shall keep my promise and document my baby’s first tattoo.

Baby tat

I’m pretty sure nothing’s ever been cuter. Except maybe his lisp. I do however think it’s hilarious that I’m using my “Tats” tag to refer to a blog about my son’s glorified sticker. I’m something of a hero.


2 thoughts on “Stop Me Oh Oh Oh Stop Me

  1. I remember when you came over preggers, and we looked up how big ezra (or unknown baby) was on the interweb. The size of a lime. Then, like the goobers that we are, we got a lime held it to your belly and giggled for 3 hours.


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