None Too Clever

Plenty of people wake up about 4ish for work. I’m not one of those people. It’s just what happens if I go to sleep before midnight. Which is to say 7:30ish the night before. So, yeah here I am waiting for Josh and Ezra to get up (one of them tried to wake up at 5am and had to be told to go back to bed…guess which one) so I can, undoubtedly, get tired again right around that time. This is much harder than it looks. Believe it.
I’ve effectively returned to my TLC watching, what with all the “We Have Hella Kids” shows, the “Shocking Story” series and even the personal makeover stuff. Oh and LA Ink. It’s really weird because I’d kinda abandoned TLC right around the time I wasn’t all that interested in other people being pregnant (which was immediately upon finding out I was preggo). Anyway, I can’t really remember why I was gonna talk about that so: Abort.
Oh, so just as I was saying I’ve gotta start doing fun family stuff and get me and Ezzie out of the house (what with the storming we’ve had this year and effectively being subject to cabin fever), Josh had the Monarch Migration Festival at his job.

The Monarch

Which, if you’re in or from Santa Cruz, you could have deduced is at Natural Bridges State Park, where the Monarchs spend their Oct – Feb-ish season. It was a lot of fun for Ez-Mez who received two tattoos and two stamps. He also got to pretend to be a salmon and use his sense of smell to find his spawning ground (very cleverly done, btw; really awesome game). Let’s just say his smashing good looks finally fell short. Apparently hotness has nothing to do with smelling. He pretty much would be the end of the salmon species if forced to return to his place of birth. I suspect he would be at a loss if he’d been asked to smell his way back to the car. Here’s hoping he just didn’t understand the instructions. Hahahahahaha. Anyway, I let him sleep in his tats so hopefully I can get a picture of one of them if they remain. I seem to remember from childhood though that sheets plus friction like to steal that joy. Anyway, Daddy got to walk around with us for about an hour, which was really fun because Ezzie was given this little passport for which each vendor/activity leader gave him a sticker. Josh wants you all to know he’s the one who made the passports. 🙂 Which is to say he informed me like five times throughout the day. I’m. Not sure if he thought I wasn’t listening? Anywho, I didn’t get a chance to try the crock-pot chili with corn… I’m. Pretty sure they didn’t intend to have that much freakin’ corn in “chili”. Unless Gramma was the one put in charge of the pouring. Which would’ve been slightly retarded since she shakes like the dickins. Anyway. It almost kinda smelt like convolescent home dinner so. There was that, too. Oh and the fact that if the food already looks digested, I try not to eat it. Just skip the middle man and dump it directly in the toilet.
What else? … Fanpop has entire episodes of the Simpsons. Just thought I should share the love.


3 thoughts on “None Too Clever

  1. I wish I remembered the Monarch’s battle cry.
    Pretend I just posted it, and it was really funny.

    I look forward to Z walking and talking…taking him places is bound to be interesting. Especially more fun than just trundling him around in the basket or stroller or whatnot.


  2. Hahaha! That’s a hilarious battle cry!

    Yeah, here’s an obvious prediction: once he can walk…at least right around the time he’s been walking for two years…you’re gonna wanna hold him. A lot. Or that could just be me projecting. I literally tell him I miss him when he’s been walking alongside me all day. And I’m not joking. I literally miss him.


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