This Is My Brain On Drugs

I like that there are stats so I can generally keep track of views and how people are finding their way to my bloggy-wog. But I kinda don’t get the point of having a UTC or coordinated universal time that basically skews the information because days begin and end eight hours early… like I’m supposed to do math to figure out who really visited on one particular day… Do you get what I’m griping about? I’m kinda tired.

In other news, I think my British visa expires in a year next month. I feel like I should go get a characteristically low-paying job over there before it runs out as I may never have cause to apply for one again. I also love the fact that – for all of seven seconds – our government denied Amy Winehouse a visa due to her drug addiction. If I hadn’t just read how they “expeditiously” tried to reprocess it – even though it’s now apparently a moot point since she’s performing via satellite for the Grammy’s – I would really have had an anecdotal example of how just maybe our country doesn’t bend for any and every pop icon for any reason whatsoever.

In other news, I’m hella tired. It went from kinda to hella. Really quickly. “What is going on in Mexico”… Cause here’s what I look like:
Coach McGuirk


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