Starboy and The Captain of Outer Space

I guess I’m not much fun. I was reading about people who’ve made a huge splash in music this past year and basically I’ve heard of none of them. I. Don’t really listen to the radio. Which is to say I don’t. And although I generally like the trend of indi getting more mainstream, movies included… it kinda seems like that would negate the name “indi”, no? Like when “alternative” became like the most popular genre of music in the early nineties. It kinda isn’t alternative anymore. What am I talking about? Oh, yeah, how hard I’d have to work to take part in entertainment culture (wait, is there any other subset of culture anymore?). I’m so disappointed in them. (Them being…whoever’s responsible for it.) I’m only 25 and I’m already sounding like one of those old people who is totally out of touch and doesn’t care. Hmm. This blog sucks almost as much as the pop culture of which I speak. Let’s move on.

The following is the corset belt I want: pin up corset belt Mostly because I have nothing else to talk about. … If only I really could choose one slice of myself to represent the whole. Cause certain things you can’t do unless it’s all you do. … Which is lame. What? I have to go.


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