One More ‘Gain

Who’s that blogging three times in one night? It’s me! It’s me!

First things first: We have a mini potty for Ezzie upstairs (number one: because it reduces the chances of his being too enthralled in something to stop and get down the stairs… in theory… and number two: because downstairs is at least ten degrees colder than upstairs and virtually impenetrable against heater offenses). This potty only accepts peepee. Or so we’re trying to convince Ezra. By the slight twinge in the evening air,… I’m starting to think I’ll be scooping poop into the “big potty” in a few minutes. Nice.

Secondly: Watching a girl get an amazing tat in honor of her best friend makes me really anxious to get the Trinity tats. Josh has been sketching a variety of fleurs and I like moooore than one of them. If I had a freaking scanner I could show you guys.  Hmm.

Thirdly: I got a letter today from the county of Santa Cruz saying, Congratulations! You did so great on the interview, you’ve been put on the list of people we’ll interview again. Really? That. Makes sense. Now I didn’t say much about this interview (the second time I’ve gone for a Social Worker position, we all remember my stint at Sacramento’s CPS) mostly because it isn’t quite the same as the equivalent title in larger counties. Basically, it’s the Sac equivalent to a FSW which is to say that I would assign one to transport kids (to court or a visit or something) or to supervise a court-mandatedly monitored visit. Not sure how that works going from a county where each department (Adult Services, Conservatorship, Children’s Services, whatever) had their own departments (CPS was made up of Emergency Services, Family Reunification – which is where I was, Adoption, and at least three others) and each of those secondary departments was big enough to have their own floor in the building — to going to a county where the SW I position is for Children’s Services, Adult Services and Licensing. Wait, really? … So, I’m qualified for the II position which I’m hoping will be the assumption (it was pretty run of the mill in the last position to be bumped up to where your credentials actually fit regardless of the job advert) because that’s the … how many times can I say equivalent?!? So, the interview, last week. Lemme just start by saying every that 90% of the people who work in the county appear to have at one point been service recipients. And I mean that in the most white trash way possible.

I’ll have to finish this story later because I just started watching Slavery and the Making of America.


2 thoughts on “One More ‘Gain

  1. Government jobs usually tend to go to the middle level achievers. People who will work, and maybe work hard, but not be particularly innovative and whatnot.

    Which means…less competition for the motivated people I suppose. Or, it drives you to madness wondering how people can be so lame.


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