So Sue Me

So, first of all, all paragraphs will begin with the word “so”. Secondly, I guess I need a new name for this blog, since people are all touchy. Andy.

So, returning from my months-long fast from pop culture, I just last night realized why it had been such a good idea. As I remembered its vortex-like ability to rob me of countless hours. But, if only for the Scientology videos I watched, perhaps it was worth it. Holy. Ghost. Tom Cruise is wonderful. At crazy. That and some letter that Leah Remini (sp) sent out. And then, the pig de resistance: Jerry O’Connell’s “response”/imitation. I should probably be linking this stuff, but I’m assuming I’m the only one who hadn’t seen them. It basically gave me a reason to live.

So, apparently I’ll be reapplying to Fulbright come May, shocking as that necessity may seem. (I’ll give you a moment to digest that.) The horrible thing is that this whole process of researching the phenomena about which I want to write has taken over my brain. Know a lot more about my timeline and seasons/priority of chronology. Sociology is my understated and therefore neglected (well, aside from that bachelor’s) natural head-space. Which has a lot to do with my writing. No matter, I need not convince you, lol. The point is: lots of stuff in the cranium, mon frere. I guess I should eventually tell York that I’m going to be deferring for an undetermined amount of time. Forensic Psych… I love you. But I don’t need you. (I.e. I’m not in love with you. It’s not me. It’s you.)

Well, now that I’ve been doing something else for like an hour with this page open… Yeeeeeah. I’m sure what I was thinking will resurface once I publish this. Oh, Vive Le Tax Season. (If you have kids.) — OH! Last thing: I’m mad at the Super Bowl. A) Because the ugly Manning is here. 2) Because it’s gonna suck. F7) Because there’s a Law and Order CI and SVU marathon on USA which I am missing because my husband and father (Morrow) suck. Sidenote: If I have to see Tynes at all, there’ll be hell to pay.


2 thoughts on “So Sue Me

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the Fulbright 😦 Not sure what else to say there. I wish you luck and a collection of random occurrences amounting to luck, and hard work, etc. for try #2.

    Nice looking blog.
    PS. I’m not a lawyer.


  2. Aw, spanks Sandy Pants. I’m not really sure why I thought I’d be devastated. Same plan, longer progression. And you know I’m not one of those starry-eyed (read: drug addicted) zen people. It’s really just that nothing has happened that isn’t supposed to. You can pray for it though. 😀

    HELP ME RENAME THE BLOG. It’s your job.


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