I Accept Your Apology.

I’ve long thought that certain types of change couldn’t take place in our society until certain seemingly generationally-induced personalities went on their way. To death. I’m…not being gruesome. I’m serious. It’s amazing what people can get away with because “you have to understand the time period into which they were born”. I do? Not so much. But when it comes from the mouth of a national treasure/genius/mythical being like Toni Morrison, it really stings. And I know it’s old news but it never quite becomes passe, believe me. So, we all know she was likely the first (of an unfortunately long list of Black celebrities) to say that Clinton was “Black” based on his infidelity and family history. I would definitely like to give her the benefit of the doubt and think that she was making a sad comparison to this country’s definition of Blackness and this White president’s conduct… and not making a loving and amused statement of association. But boy howdy, did Black people embrace that and call him the first Black president. Because he disgraced his office. Wow. That hurts. Self-loathing is right. And Black people think interracial marriage is holding back solidarity? Why, I’m more afraid of the Black nuclear family producing personalities that perpetuate trifling and destructive stereotypes. And solidarity? While we all know how I feel about trying to maintain a minority community, it seems the favors we’re doing (and I really don’t include myself in these actions) are only for White American status quo. So kudos. You’re outdoing the Klan. *slow clap*

In other news: escuzzie, escuzzie. Explain to me why Juno is adorable and Jamie Lynn Spears isn’t? {Insert double standard and attempt to separate themes here.} Right. Sometimes I think I live in the Twilight’s Zone.

Update:Andy’s still leaving comments on Myspace. Hmmmm…
     Andy:It was a pretty dumb comment. I think it may have had more to do with his upbringing than his misconduct though. I thought she mentioned something about growing up poor in a single family home, in addition to his “persecution”. But she won’t ever live it down. Especially now that the Clintons are milking that shit like a lamb up on Tori Amos.
     Me:Hey didn’t she have some album cover that used to freak me out? Yeah, I’d love to find the first print/utterance context and take Morrison’s side, I really would. But the reprints all have her saying it due to his infidelity and questions of parentage in his childhood. Was she saying something deep like, by this society’s standards, this southern White man who’s risen to the American Presidency is nothing more than Black? As in this is to what Blackness has been reduced/what it has come to symbolize in our community? …. God, I hope so.


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