Voici un autre…

Subject: The Once and Future Blog
Posted Date: Sunday, January 27, 2008 – 9:56 AM

So, children, I have done it. I have transferred my blog – with the exception of most surveys – to WordPress. Which also means I could ostensibly forgo Myspace altogether now – since my WordPress blog is accessible through my Facebook page. Yet here I am, posting yet another blog that will have to be transferred.

I made the move because several people’s Myspace pages have been hacked and deleted and – as I’ve been blogging here for some time – I knew that such an event in my own space would result in homicidal rage. That and two people on my reader/subscription list have started blogging elsewhere anyway.

So, life then. I’m still suffering from headaches (to make a distinction between the debilitating migraines and less-severe-yet-still-blood-curdling-headaches) and now that they aren’t associated with my cycle, it’s starting to worry me. No thanks on another lifelong medical abnormality, my friends. No thanks. And being an avid watcher of Intervention, I find it extremely hard to find a happy medium between not medicating and oh-my-god-I’m-a-prescription-drug-abuser. It’s my problem; I’ll deal with it.

Fulbright.org has informed me that “all applicants will receive notification via email on January 31st on whether or they’ve been recommended” or something like that. Point being. Other people already got hardcopy letters in the post. And now, nope, we’re gonna change methods. Thanks for playing. But honestly, this wouldn’t be such a big deal if the tangible date for all didn’t make me nervous. The reason for this nervousness, I can’t put my finger on except that it’s a set and determined date. Somehow, happening upon a letter at random in my mailbox made more sense to me. I…kind of have a headache right now and am not sure I’m saying what I mean to. Probably not the best time to blog. Oh and there was another storm this weekend… and Ezra’s great…. and Josh only has class three days a week this quarter and is working with his UCCS application advisor…

Um. Goodbye.

a) The timestamp is wrong. I don’t know why; it wasn’t on Myspace…b)I haven’t decided whether to wait for a few entries to pile up before transferring or just post them here individually from now…until I discontinue my myspace blog altogether. It’s kind of weird to have a blog of a blog directly, though. Suggestions? c)UPDATE: My 3 y.o. son just drew a human figure for the first time! It has stick arms and legs but a round body and head!!! I’m so excited!


3 thoughts on “Voici un autre…

  1. Oh, you’ll need to go into your settings, dashboard->options->general and set your timezone correctly. I believe you want -8 as your setting.

    Sweet, Ezzy is into overweight stick figures! Or is that just healthy normal figures…..these are questions for the media to give us answers too. Let us tune into their infinite wisdom. Or shoot ourselves in the head. One option is certainly more likely to bring enlightenment than the other.


  2. No, the timestamp is from the myspace blog. I’d already changed the wordpress timezone. Merci anyway though, my computer dude.

    I think it’s obvious that Ezra is making a commentary on my and Josh’s weight. And we thank him for his gentle prodding and criticism. It’s the proven way to help someone lose unsightly pounds and inches.


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